21 maggio 2017

La passione di Han Bennink per le arti visive, e molte delle sue personali realizzazioni in questo campo, saranno presto oggetto di un libro (HAN BENnInK, a cura di Irma Boom) e di una esposizione ufficiale presso il Kranenburgh di Bergen (Paesi Bassi) il prossimo ottobre. Si può contribuire all'iniziativa in https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/5521-kunstboek-han-bennink-1

Han Bennink is well-known as a drummer, but not many people know that he is also a visual artist, and considers himself as a servant of two masters: music and art.  He never studied music, but he does have a diploma from art school! Now that he's turned 75, there will be a major exhibition of his art work, opening in October 2017 at the Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen. But although there are myriad recordings of Han (many with his artwork on the cover!), there has been precious little published of his visual art. Now we would like to give him a big birthday present - a book of his art work, designed by the world-famous Irma Boom. That's what this crowdfunding project is about...