03 maggio 2017

Una giornata di immersione totale nella musica e nella storia di Edgard Varèse, con presentazioni, letture, proiezioni, ascolti guidati e l'esecuzione integrale di tutte le sue composizioni. Al Barbican a Londra, questo sabato, quasi senza sosta dalla mattina alla sera: BBC Total Immersion Day.

Edgard Varèse, even a half century after his death, remains a controversial yet cult figure. Born in France in 1883, he moved to Italy to study and knew all the major artistic figures of his day. He emigrated to the US in 1915 and, apart from a five-year stint in Paris, remained there until his death in 1965. His unique voice and rigorous, though eclectic aesthetic, influenced countless younger composers even though his entire output can be performed in about three hours. So this Total Immersion is truly total - embracing every note he composed.