11 giugno 2017

Con la vittoria, seppur di misura, di Rosie Duffield sul veterano avversario Julian Brazier finalmente Canterbury manda a Londra - per la prima volta dal 1918 - un proprio parlamentare non conservatore. Stenta quasi a crederci Robert Wyatt: "Canterbury gone Labour for the first time ever, I think - am I dreamin'? Then I don't want to wake up!". E Matthew Watkins ci vede un motivo in più per celebrare il plenilunio di questo giugno: Canterbury Sans Tory MP!!

Robert Wyatt live on BBC TV in 1983, Caravan and Hatfield both live in '74, a standout track from a lesser Gong album, something newish from North Sea Radio Orchestra, something oldish from Penguin Cafe Orchestra, a classic slab of Hendrix, something from Soft Machine around the time they were touring with him, Alice Coltrane, an extraordinary tribute to her by Seattle's Sun O))), almost-forgotten Anglo-French Henry Cow-influenced band Officer!, a couple of new things from Bristol's Bloom collective (Evil Usses, Spindle Ensemble) and a tribute to BBC Radiophonic Workshop's star employee Delia Derbyshire. The middle hour is dedicated to the pioneering studio work of Osbourne Ruddock, a.k.a. King Tubby, in the form of a mix of some of his finest 70s dub tracks.