24 giugno 2017

Era uscita una decina d'anni fa in poche copie per Tonefloat Records una preparazione mista con i più gustosi assaggini di macedonia di flauto serviti da Theo Travis appena prima di Oily Way - come da menu Angel's Egg - nei concerti dei Gong di Zero to Infinity, tra il 2000 e il 2001. Oggi riappare tramite Bandcamp, in forma di salutare probiotico: Eleven Bowls of Acidophilus Flute Salad.

"The album comprises eleven solo flute improvisations played live on the Gong Zero to Infinity world tour of 2000/2001. Nearly every night of that tour Theo performed a "Flute Salad" about half way through the gigs as an introduction to a song called "Oily Way", and while Daevid Allen was doing one of his costume changes into the most outrageous white silk full body and pointed hat outfits. the improvisations were anything from two minutes to nearly seven minutes depending on how far away the dressing room was, how stuck Daevid got getting into his suit and how inspired he felt..."