19 giugno 2017

Evan Crankshaw (alias Flash Strap) ha festeggiato giovedì scorso il successo di Jeremy Corbyn e dei laburisti alle elezioni generali in Regno Unito con una puntata speciale del suo programma settimanale Explorers Room presso Give the Drummer Radio di WFMU a Jersey City (Stati Uniti): Fringe, Romance, Contraband, Lend Me Your Era!, tre ore interamente in compagnia delle musiche di Robert Wyatt.

We celebrate the surprise success of Corbyn in the UK – and the broader, hopefully hopeful implications that result has for left politics going forward – by spending an evening with the music of Robert Wyatt. I probably would have done this show regardless of the electoral outcome; it's a necessary tonic in victory or defeat. In 1972, Wyatt asked, "how long can I pretend that music's more relevant than fighting for a socialist world?" The music resulting from that conundrum gives us an invaluable vision of socialist-informed art: not only steadfastly political, unflinchingly critical, and committed to the cause of human emancipation, but also absurdist, experimental, endlessly playful, romantic, and deeply personal. Tonight we'll hear from a variety of Wyatt's solo and collaborative projects, both political and poetic (as if the two weren't one). Tune in and hear He of the Great Voice.