25 giugno 2017

Nuova avvincente storia scritta per la radio (e a proposito anche della radio) da Peter Blegvad, qui assieme a Iain Chambers del Langham Research Centre: On Imaginary Media, una produzione per Radio 3 della BBC.

Described by its makers as 'an illustrated lecture, with songs', On Imaginary Media explores 'techno-mysticism', the irrational beliefs we project onto new technologies. It looks back to 19th century inventors like Edison and Tesla, to the hopes and fears their inventions raised of such things as a soul-catcher, a thought-projector, or of communication with the dead. And it looks forward into the future, imagining 'moodia' (mood altering media), and technologies designed to 'remove all obstacles to the immediate gratification of every whim.' The characters debate these innovations, imagining what the consequences might be of such god-like capabilities.
Absurdist humour permeates the piece, which is presented as a performance in rehearsal, with a small company of actors (played by John Ramm and Emma Powell) and an increasingly exasperated director (Peter Blegvad) working against a deadline and beset by other problems. Featuring sound design by Iain Chambers and songs by Peter Blegvad, On Imaginary Media demonstrates the evocative power of radio, once seen as the most mysterious medium of all, a technology which gave rise to no end of hopes and fears and is still capable of exercising our capacity for wonder.