22 giugno 2017

Si tiene questa sera al Cafe Oto il sospirato debutto londinese di Half the Sky: Dagmar Krause, Chlöe Herington, Miwazow, Wataru Okhuma, Nasuno Mitsuru, Yumi Hara e Chris Cutler, con le musiche di Lindsay Cooper. Il successivo appuntamento è tra pochi giorni all'Avantgarde Festival a Schiphorst (Germania).
La genesi del progetto è nota, ma Yumi la riassume a beneficio di nuovi seguaci e sostenitori: "In 2013, soon after Lindsay Cooper passed away, Matthew Watkins made a call for arrangements of her mini-composition Slice for a special edition of his podcast Canterbury Sans Frontières. I made a transcription of the piece and recorded it for solo clavichord. Chris Cutler and I also played it in Japan and NY. A little later, inspired by the three memorial concerts Chris Cutler organised in 2014 with the original bands, I put Half the Sky together to play Lindsay’s music in Japan. The gender split follows Lindsay’s general practice and the example of the original bands - Henry Cow (50% female) and News from Babel (75% female). With the exception of Slice, it was only after - and because of - the 2014 concerts that any working scores for the Henry Cow pieces became available, having been painstakingly assembled from Lindsay’s notebooks, original band-members’ surviving parts and careful analysis of the recordings. A handful of the News from Babel songs – none of which had ever been performed live – had already been reconstructed for the memorial concerts by Zeena Parkins; the rest I had to work out from scratch – as well as rearranging everything for a mixture of occidental and oriental instruments. This programme is approached very much as a music of the present - and not as an academic reconstruction."