30 luglio 2017

Alla vigilia di una massiccia operazione di recupero e riedizione in vinile di materiali noti e inediti dai favolosi/favoleggiati archivi dei Residents - già visitati più e più volte in varie epoche e in vario modo, e presto di nuovo oggetto d'attenzione con l'antologico 80 Aching Orphans - esce per Goodfellas un libro che ripercorre l'immenso e geniale apparato pubblicitario e iconografico prodotto negli anni dalla mitica (e criptica!) etichetta Ralph Records: Buy Or Die! Ralph Records Artworks 1972-2015, a cura di Matteo Torcinovich.

Goodfellas present Buy Or Die! Ralph Records Artworks 1972-2015, the first ever book of its kind on the history of the artwork of The Residents and their label Ralph Records. The life of Ralph Records and The Residents has always been cloaked in obscure mysteries, woven by the anonymous Cryptic Corporation, around which many luminaries have revolved; painters, graphic artists, cartoonists, musicians, film-makers, and writers. All have been channeled together by a powerful creative synergy that helped champion a new, mercurial and thoroughly multi-faceted artifact. Buy Or Die!, for the very first time, brings together a collection of images that represented the sounds of Ralph from 1972 to the present. A historical journey that traces the path of one of the most innovative record labels of the last fifty years. A collection of original, rare, and remarkable images drawn from record covers, fan catalogs, posters, and a wide variety of promotional material, demonstrating the technological and stylistic adaptations undergone through the arc of half a century. 400-page color book in English and Italian.