06 luglio 2017

E un doppio omaggio a Willem Breuker (1944-2010) a sette anni dalla scomparsa viene dalla pubblicazione di una ricca selezione video curata dalla vedova Olga Zuiderhoek in occasione del lancio un paio d'anni fa del sito web ufficiale dedicato alla vita e alle opere del compianto musicista (Favourites of the Widow) e dalla pubblicazione di un corposo volume antologico - comprendente un prezioso libro fotografico e undici cd ricchi di inediti e di documenti integrali altrimenti introvabili - per Bvhaast: Out of the Box.

For over 45 years, Willem Breuker played a large part in the musical life of the Netherlands, as a musician, composer, arranger and organizer. Between 1974 and 2012, the Willem Breuker Kollektief presented an adventurous and innovative mix of jazz, free improvisation, contemporary classical and theatre and circus music, often enlivened by a personal sense of humor. From this huge body of work, original Kollektief members Arjen Gorter and Bernard Hunnekink have now compiled an anthology, to be found on these 11 beautifully remastered CD’s. Themes such as music for film, theatre and strings are featured, as well as songs and longer, more complex pieces. Many of the pieces presented here are either no longer available elsewhere, or are now released for the first time, including the complete sound track for the film Faust, and the farewell concert Happy End.