27 luglio 2017

Elaine di Falco e Mike Johnson sono stati ospiti di recente del programma radiofonico Prog Rock Deep Cuts, emanazione della statunitense House of Prog. La puntata si riascolta via Mixcloud.

Specializing in rare cuts by classic and modern bands, Prog Rock Deep Cuts is a forward thinking, live radio show that promises to match the obscure with the new and fresh. Intelligent, emotional, and visceral classic to modern progressive rock broadcasted live every Sunday from 6-9 pm EST on www.houseofprog.com. While all forward-thinking music is fair game, the music featured on Prog Rock Deep Cuts is admittedly inclined towards the obscure, less traveled, and strange avenues of progressive music. A typical episode of Deep Cuts intends to fuse diverse elements such as jazz, electronic, world music, avant garde, psych, space, and classical with rock music in a fresh, and hopefully, exciting journey that presents the classics alongside their modern counterparts.