17 agosto 2017

Allo spirito del '67 è interamente votato il nuovo frizzante capitolo di Bing Selfish, Selfish Sentiments, con una dozzina di brani vecchi e nuovi affidati ai fedelissimi The Windsors e una confezione simil-chadbourniana piena di provocazioni intellettuali e di quisquilie mondane: "Mental, let's go mental, 'cos I haven't got the time to be sentimental"...

Bing Selfish and The Windsors burst into your life on a flying ice cream cart throwing multicoloured tunes everywhere. The spirit of '67/'17. Bing and The Windsors have arrived from another planet and have news to spill. The psychedelic hopes of 1967 have come to fruition and the psychedelic tropes of 2017 have come to Wolverhampton. New Bing songs with all the urgency, wonder, bile and laughter you may expect, but still surprising. This is the place where Galileo meets Conan Doyle and Caravaggio mixes business and pleasure with your hedge fund manager. They’ve also raided the 'Bing Selfish Songbook' and brought back into circulation Bing solo hits like Financial Advisor, World Without Government, and the previously-thought-to-be-impossible-for-a-live-band-to-play Relativity! So watch the skies and Bing Selfish and The Windsors pilot their ice cream drone across the dimensions and into your heart! Looks like it’s gonna be a long weird summer.