20 agosto 2017

Si rinnova ogni anno ad agosto a Londra l'appuntamento con la Fête Quaqua promossa dall'associazione Mopomoso guidata da John Russell: tre giorni di incontri e concerti di musica improvvisata presso il Vortex, da tempo sede adottiva delle iniziative pubbliche dell'associazione, da oggi al 22 agosto, pomeriggio e sera. Assieme a Russell in quest'occasione intervengono tra gli altri Alice Eldridge, Satoko Fukuda, Matt Hutchinson, Ken Ikeda, Henry Lowther, Gina Southgate, Roger Turner, Jennifer Walsh e Alex Ward.

"August comes again, another Fête Quaqua is in the offing and, once more, it brings what looks like being another three days of getting down to, what for me, is the ‘real nitty gritty’. Playing music live in a concentrated listening environment. Think the intimacy of a small theatre or chamber hall with the focus on the performance and the performers. An audience engaging with the music in a direct way and sharing the musical discoveries with the musicians as they are made. No replays. Music making in real time. True performance not imitation. I believe that we begin forming our musical identities in the womb and everyone has a unique personal musicality that grows and is shaped by our experiences throughout our lives. A truly creative artist recognises this uniqueness and that coming with it is a responsibility to employ it in their work. The musicians in this year’s Fête Quaqua all share this quality and the wide background of experiences make for a fertile ground in which the music can flourish. In one sense we are not trying to make a music but to reveal a music and to share it in real time. The range skills and sounds available are not proscribed by pre performance compositional structures but come from the musical imperative at the time. With these musicians it is quite a range too!"