27 ottobre 2017

Gran festival canterburyano a... Canterbury! Tutto il giorno domani, con concerti, conferenze, incontri e dibattiti con protagonisti musicisti, studiosi e massimi esperti della scena storica e contemporanea. E certamente anche un ricordo del compianto Phil Miller.

The term ‘Canterbury sound’ is used to refer to the signature psychedelic and progressive rock developed by artists such as Caravan, and Soft Machine. This event explores Canterbury as a metaphor and reality, a symbolic space of music inspiration.
The programme includes performances from the SoupSongs, assembled with the participation of ‘Canterbury sound’ founding figure Robert Wyatt, Lapis Lazuli, Jack Hues and the Quartet, and Koloto. The day also presents a series of discussions with artists, cultural intermediates, and academics such as Professor Andy Bennett (Griffith University, Australia), Brian Hopper (The Wilde Flowers, SoupSongs), Matt Watkins (Canterbury Sans Frontiers), Geoffrey Richardson (Caravan), Aymeric Leroy (author of L'école de Canterbury and Calyx site), Phil Howitt (Facelift fanzine founder) and organisers of the event - music researchers Professor Shane Blackman, Dr Asya Draganova, and Alan Payne.
This event seeks to demonstrate the development of the ‘Canterbury Sound’ as an inter-generational, local, and transnational cultural phenomenon.