29 ottobre 2017

L'ultimo saluto a Phil Miller è stato dato due giorni fa a Londra da una folla di amici e colleghi, tra le note più care della sua musica.

Racconta Bill MacCormick: "We said goodbye to Phil Miller under a perfect autumn sky and with his music sending him on his way. In the packed crematorium seven of his friends and musical colleagues spoke of their love for the man and his artistry, all with happy anecdotes which helped reveal more of Phil and made you warm even more to him. Afterwards, at a church hall somewhere else in deep east London. Food and chat downstairs, wine and music from his many friends upstairs. Saw Pam Howard (wife of Robert and Pip) who I last saw the same day I last saw Phil - 17th November 1972 at a Hatfield gig I have down as at Imperial College. Met several other FB friends - hello again Yumi Hara, Steve Reynolds and Billie Harbottle - lovely to meet and chat with you all. And renewed contact with Benjamin Lefevre - sound man extraordinaire to (and in order of importance, well the first one anyway, not time): Matching Mole, Peter Gabriel, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Sheena Easton, George Michael and no doubt many, many more. Latterly he had helped Phil record many of his albums. A lovely man who should write his memoirs (and then employ a good lawyer to fend off the inevitable writs). Benji did the sound for the numerous friends who came to pay musical tribute to Phil. An extended and heart-felt version of God Song was amongst the pieces performed. And, for the first time, I met Herme - Phil's partner, support, guide, friend. The circumstances were sad, the meetings were good, the weather was beautiful, and the music was all Phil's."