14 ottobre 2017

Quando dieci anni fa, precisamente il 4 ottobre 2007, fecero tappa a Praga per la prima volta i Soft Machine Legacy - all'epoca John Etheridge, Theo Travis, Hugh Hopper e John Marshall - un entusiasta Miloš Latislav produsse uno speciale radiofonico presso la ceca Radio 3 Vltava quale benaugurale introduzione al concerto al Palác Akropolis. Oggi quel programma riaffiora negli archivi di Mixcloud: "British Soft Machine were true pioneers in blending together psychrock, jazz (even on its free edge) and sophisticated compositional structures. During its existence between 1966 and 1978 (with brief re-incarnations in 1980-81 and 1984) the band went through cyclic personal changes and continually evolved its sound. Being one of the core members of so-called Canterbury Scene, they were and are hugely inspirational for many musicians in fields of jazz and rock alternatives. Since 1999, there were regular "Legacy" projects in work, first under the Soft Ware and Soft Works monikers, while from 2004 the Soft Machine Legacy line-up (consisting completely of ex-SM members before the death of Elton Dean in 2006) is active until present, sometimes billed simply as Soft Machine. The collection presented here is my programme for Czech Radio 3 Vltava, created in 2007 due to premiere Prague performance of SML."