12 novembre 2017

Cinquecento esemplari in vinile per documentare la terza volta insieme di Charles Hayward e Thurston Moore, un pomeriggio dello scorso febbraio, poche settimane prima del memorabile concerto londinese di This Is Not This Heat: Improvisations (Care In The Community Recordings, 2017).

Earlier in 2017 iconic artists Charles Hayward and Thurston Moore spent an afternoon improvising. Charles Hayward on drums and Thurston Moore on guitar. This LP is the result. Improvisations is a vinyl-only release, limited to 500 copies worldwide. The seven tracks are unnamed but are identified by the side and order in which they appear, ie. A1-3 and B1-4. This was the third time Hayward and Moore played together. The session was recorded at Lynchmob studios through the famous 1969 Neve console originally built for the BBC.