19 novembre 2017

Fa oggi tappa al Mountain Stage di Charleston (West Virginia) il tour dei Pere Ubu di 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo, e a sottolineare l'evento NPR Music mette a disposizione la registrazione trasmessa in diretta che in questo stesso luogo il gruppo effettuò la volta scorsa, circa 26 anni fa. Era l'ottobre del 1991, era da poco uscito Worlds in Collision e in formazione c'erano David Thomas, Jim Jones, Eric Drew Feldman, Tony Maimone e Scott Krauss.

Formed in 1975, trend-setting avant-garage rockers Pere Ubu emerged from Cleveland, Ohio, with an eccentric sound that has sustained four decades of orchestral blue-collar rock, infused with synths, layers of guitar, and the distinct vocal style of David Thomas.
Heard here is Pere Ubu's appearance on Mountain Stage with Larry Groce, recorded and broadcast live from Charleston, WV, on Oct. 6, 1991. Led by vocalist David Thomas, the band powers through eight tunes in this 30-plus minute set featuring songs from their album Worlds in Collision, released earlier that year.
The touring arm of Pere Ubu is embarking on a U.S. tour with a new album, 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo. The tour includes a scheduled return to Charleston for Mountain Stage some 26 years later. You'll hear their appearance in December via NPR Music, and a full European tour and further U.S. tour dates are scheduled for 2018.