05 novembre 2017

Un album che poteva essere dei Muffins - collocandosi dopo Palindrome e Mother Tongue, più o meno - ma che alla fine non lo è. In parte, almeno. Si intitola Man or Muffin ed esce in carico a Billy Swann, Paul Sears, Mark Stanley e Thomas Scott, alleati in virtù di quell'illustre passato insieme e di un'identica fricativa alveolare sorda a inizio cognome: 4S'd.

In March of 2015, a rift in the time space continuum tore asunder the band known as 'The Muffins'. The music they were working on was cast apart and then reformed into two separate entities. One became a dog (a blue one to be precise). The other hid in the deep dark forest, grew pointy ears and thin little legs, pondering what it had become... In time, the music came to understand that it was neither Man or Muffin. It was something old, something new, often happy, occasionally blue and at long last complete.