22 dicembre 2017

Al concerto di Mike Westbrook con la Uncommon Orchestra a Birmingham qualche sera fa c'era John Watson, che ne ha scritto per LondonJazz. C'era anche Matthew North - beh certo, lui con la Uncommon ci suona! - che al suo spazio FB ha pubblicato un paio di brevi estratti, un passaggio dalle prove tecniche, e un accenno di Gas, Dust, Stone. Quel che tanto ha impressionato il succitato Watson: "Mike Westbrook brought his spectacular 20-piece Uncommon Orchestra to the Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, for a concert presented by Birmingham Jazz. Since the composer recorded such powerful albums as Celebration (Deram, 1967), Marching Song (Deram,1969) and Metropolis (RCA Neon, 1971), his music has undergone constant evolution, embracing song and theatre as well as improvised and orchestrated jazz. The lyrics for his current project A Bigger Show come, as usual, from his singer wife Kate Westbrook, who brings a strong sense of a Pinteresque theatre-of-the-absurd to Westbrook performances, with some witty words and confident communication with the audience. I must admit, though, that I do wish that the lyrics could sometimes be ruthlessly edited. I think that the interminably repeated mantra “Gas . . dust . . . stone” (from the song of the same name) will be engraved on my brain for months to come, like some demonic earworm."