13 dicembre 2017

Con gli auguri di stagione - e l'invito all'ormai tradizionale lotteria in famiglia - Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin rivolgono ai propri fan due promesse per l'anno che verrà: un nuovo album - l'ultimo, Green and Blue, risale al 2009 - e addirittura un appuntamento dal vivo! Saranno con loro Andy Reynolds e Gavin Harrison, appena quest'ultimo si libera dal macigno crimsoniano, e si terrà a Londra, verso fine agosto; se chi pensa di andarci glielo fa sapere per tempo, scelgono pure il posto più adatto...

Scrivono: "Seasonal greetings, we hope you're keeping warm and well! A while ago we asked you to suggest suitable venues for a Stewart / Gaskin quartet UK gig and received a great response. Now we need your feedback again: we're planning a summer 2018 live quartet gig with Gavin Harrison on drums - the concert would take place in London on Friday August 24th 2018, and tickets will cost around £25. Although this is a long way off, we need to gauge interest in order to secure the right sized venue, so if you'd like to come along, please send an email to davebarblive@gmail.com with the subject line I'LL BE THERE and we'll alert you as soon as the date is confirmed. Apologies to those living outside London, but this is currently our most practical option in the UK."