23 gennaio 2018

Cos'hanno in testa gli intrepidi quattro del Langham Research Centre un po' lo si capisce (anche) da una puntata di Clear Spot diffusa qualche giorno fa da Resonance FM (ora è su Mixcloud). Cos'hanno invece nel cuore lo confidano direttamente al Maestro: Homage-to-Pierre-Henry

Langham Research Centre pay tribute to a composer who has had a significant impact on their work. Pierre Henry contributed meaningfully to the idea that all and any sounds are material for making music and the way he did this can be heard in the music of the LRC. Collage, superimposition, hard jump cuts and sudden intense clashes all feature. Also important is the use of electronic sound. Henry’s colleague Pierre Schaeffer disapproved of sources that he didn’t consider to be natural sound. Pierre Henry embraced electronic as well as concrete sounds.