29 gennaio 2018

Sarà pronto a marzo - ma lo si può prenotare già ora tramite Bandcamp - il nuovo album ecosofico di David Garland: si tratta di Verdancy, autentico gioiello di autoproduzione artistica e musicale in quattro cd raccolti in un prezioso nido di foglie dell'Hudson Valley...

Scrive l'autore: "Patterns are the structure from which we view the world; they're also the structure that obscures our view of continuousness and constant change. The music on Verdancy grew out of two things: a very special modified acoustic guitar created by my son, and my move from New York City to upstate New York’s Hudson Valley. I've been given a glimpse of continuousness, a view past the frame of presumed patterns.
Living again in nature (as I did when I was a child), I vividly, finally see and experience the tumult and beauty of everything endlessly changing all the time. The guitar does that, too. The modified guitar is a genuinely electro-acoustic instrument, in which electronics aren’t generating an electronic tone, but instead provoke the vibration of wire and wood, creating a vibrating object that I interact with physically.
These elements have deeply changed my music. I feel connected to what I’ve done before, but I’m in a new, previously unknown sonic world, bushwhacking new paths, seeking beauty and danger, building new structures that suit the landscape."