17 gennaio 2018

Un invito a sostenere la fase finale di realizzazione del suo nuovo lavoro Out of Sinc, atteso per la primavera, viene da Dave Sinclair, attraverso le tipiche modalità della piattaforma PledgeMusic. Piatto forte dell'album è un lungo composito brano di cui l'autore è particolarmente orgoglioso, ma c'è anche un esplicito rimando all'epoca Matching Mole: "One track in particular over 17 minutes long incorporates most of the music genres that I love including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Choral, Pop, Folk and Classical. It’s climactic and powerful, and I wonder sometimes how it all manages to come through and out of me. But thankfully out of me it does come, hence the title of the album ‘Out Of Sinc’. Of course some of the music could also be ‘Out Of Sync’ but that’s because it’s being played by humans and not machines. Another track is one I wrote, while in the band Matching Mole, which Robert Wyatt used to sing at live shows. It has never been recorded until now."