23 febbraio 2018

Un approccio alla storia del London Musicians' Collective con diretto accesso ai molti materiali d'archivio conservati presso la University of the Arts London; lo propone la curatrice spagnola Andrea Zanza nell'ambito della fortunata serie Points of Listening presso il London College of Communication: https://pointsoflistening.wordpress.com/2018/01/29/pol-39-improvise-because-youre-not-a-record-an-introduction-to-the-london-musicians-collective-archive

The London Musicians’ Collective (LMC) was founded in the mid-1970’s by a small group of experimental and improvising musicians in London, United Kingdom. In tune with the nature of improvisation and the cultural politics of the time, the organisation was based on collective principles, with an open membership whose responsibility it was to decide policy and initiate activities through attendance at monthly meetings. Over the next three decades it evolved as an open membership collective attracting successive generations of musicians, improvisers, sound poets, sound artists, instrument builders and performance artists interested in pursuing their practice outside the commercial criteria of the music business.