21 marzo 2018

Tra i lavori di Mike Westbrook scritti per il cinema ci sono anche le musiche per accompagnare il film muto Moulin Rouge, opera del 1928 del regista tedesco Ewald André Dupont. Negli anni Novanta le affidò al Matrix Ensemble diretto da Robert Ziegler, che le propose in qualche occasione dal vivo e anche in televisione. Un frammento è ora su YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmS0N3BcBrQ

One of the most lavish British films of the silent era in both budget and scope, Moulin Rouge stars Jean Bradin, Eve Gray and Russian-German screen sensation Olga Tschechowa in the story of a young aristocrat driven to a suicide attempt after falling in love with a young dancer and her elegant, ravishingly beautiful mother. Set in and around the famous dance-halls of Paris, Moulin Rouge showcased British International Pictures' engagement of leading Continental film-makers during the late 1920s. The first British film directed by expressionist pioneer Ewald André Dupont, it also features Werner Brandes' stylish, distinctively European cinematography and art direction by Oscar winner Alfred Junge. Filmed at Elstree through the winter of 1927, it was originally trade-shown in March 1928 as a silent feature with live musical accompaniment.