29 aprile 2018

Altro merito di Emotional Response è la recente ripubblicazione di Flagellation - in origine era su etichetta It's War Boys, nel 1983 - invitando così a ripercorrere la traiettoria di una stella minore della dinamica galassia Murphy (e The Homosexuals): con nome di copertura Just Measurers erano Lepke Buchvalter, Jim Whelton e Chris Grey, alleati a Sara (libera da Amos).

Newly released from captivity, the acclaimed 1983 avant-punk masterpiece album featuring the dark and humorous genius of Narki Brillans, C.D. Greyt, and Yakko Banovic, with special guest Sara Fancy. The lone Just Measurers LP, originally an edition of 300 copies on the It's War Boys label, has rarely been seen in the wild during the past 3 and a half decades (although was recently spotted on Discogs for $450!). The band consists of members from other essential under-the-radar 80s UK DIY luminaries, such as Milk From Cheltenham, The Homosexuals, The Murphy Federation, Die Trip Computer Die, L.Voag, Amos and Sara, The Work. Playful and unsettling, the 16 tracks contained within are as vibrant and challenging as the day they were conceived...