11 aprile 2018

Due nuove importanti occasioni per le musiche di Lindsay Cooper in concerto: a Londra (Cafe Oto) il 16 giugno e a Bad Doberan (Zappanale #29) il 21 luglio prossimi. L'iniziativa prende le mosse dall'esperienza Half the Sky adottando stavolta il nome Lindsay Cooper Songbook: ci sono Yumi Hara, Chlöe Herington e Dagmar Krause con Tim Hodgkinson, John Greaves e Chris Cutler.

Yumi Hara formed Half The Sky in 2015 to perform Lindsay Cooper’s songs in Japan: "The original group was entirely Japanese, with the exception of original drummer and lyricist Chris Cutler. This group - with small personnel changes - was later invited to Europe, when it was joined by the songs’ original singer Dagmar Krause. For these new European concerts the line-up adds two more members of Henry Cow, for whom much of this material was written, and we call ourselves Lindsay Cooper Songbook. As was true of the original bands Henry Cow and News From Babel - the new line-up retains an equal gender split."