13 aprile 2018

Il primo concerto al londinese Cafe Oto si tenne il 13 aprile 2008, una domenica pomeriggio di dieci anni fa esatti. C'era poco di pronto, la pittura ancora fresca alle pareti, e un impiantino scadente. Eppure!

"Hi there. Ten years ago today we hosted our first concert. At the time we had no idea how long we would be doing this or where it might lead. Thank you to all of you who have supported us over the past decade.  It’s been an intense, exhausting and life changing experience. OTO is only here because so many people have contributed in different ways over the years. To mark the occasion we've just posted a free download of a set from Saya of Tenniscoats, recorded at that first concert we hosted here. Enjoy. Thank you all!"