19 aprile 2018

Michael Björn è (non immotivatamente) entusiasta del nuovo Sternpost, Anti-Clock, e nello scriverne per POPgruppen cita tra le influenze ammesse dal titolare - Petter Herbertsson, dei Testbild! - anche Lindsay Cooper e Chris Cutler: "Petter himself describes the music on “Anti-clock” as a sound collage, but it could really fit into a number of genres, such as ambient, experimental, electronic, musique concrète. Or progressive rock. Although Peter cites Lindsay Cooper and Chris Cutler as inspirations, I would rather describe this as National Health filtered through Karda Estra and imagined as the soundtrack to a film about a world where humans never regained language capacity after being punished for building the tower of Babel."
Anche Richard Wileman, chiamato in causa, ne ha un'ottima impressione: "Two kaleidoscopic 20 minute tracks bringing to mind a surreal landscape where Jonny Trunk rumages around Salvador Dali's record fair looking for unearthed Studio G library music while turning a dial on a radio broadcasting fragments of found sound, uneasy narrations and bursts of Rattigan Glumphoboo's beautiful writing and arrangements. Fab."
Le copie in vinile sono esaurite, ma presso la casa madre Dilettante Productions l'album si può scaricare anche in digitale.