17 aprile 2018

Peter Blegvad e Slapp Happy sono stati ospiti a Den Haag (ovvero L'Aja, Paesi Bassi) del progetto Feedback, un programma pluriennale di conferenze e incontri in diverse sedi internazionali - tra cui appunto Den Haag, Berlino, Leipzig, Parigi e Toronto - dedicato ai temi dell'ecologia dell'informazione e al ruolo della letteratura e delle arti nell'era dell'elettronica e dell'informatica. Il concerto si è tenuto lo scorso 28 settembre nell'ambito di un affollato simposio intitolato a Marshall McLuhan: lo si ritrova in video negli archivi di West o su Vimeo.

Exploding out of the wreckage of World War II the early cyberneticists Norbert Wiener and Claude Shannon, sketched out a future where even thinking could be automated. In the electronic information of global instantaneous mass-communication of the satellite and TV age Marshall McLuhan saw the end of the rational tradition of enlightenment Humanism, and the emergence of a ‘Global Village’ and ‘Global Theatre’ where people would be caught up in their interconnectivity and develop new social art forms.
The pace of technological transformation, automation and globalization has resulted in massive human migration, precaritization, displacement and new transitional modes of existence. The Internet, built to maintain command and control of the US military in an extreme emergency has become a commercialized infrastructure where unprecedented new forms of communication and exchange are emerging. Publics are formed and dissolved algorithmically according to need, no longer at the level of opinion or knowledge, but according to advanced social cybernetics of politics and the advertising economy. The medium is the message.