20 aprile 2018

Prosegue con virtuosa parsimonia l'ineffabile serie di (finti) Standards proposta da Bill Wells e il suo National Jazz Trio of Scotland, inaugurando con questo, il quarto volume, un breve ciclo di episodi affidati ciascuno a una sola delle voci in seno al gruppo: tocca qui alla brava Kate Sudgen, mentre a seguire saranno presto Gerard Black e Aby Vulliamy. Dice Wells di Kate: "It’s just a case of her being a brilliant singer. I feel that she’s underrated. She’s as good as people like Liz Fraser. It’s almost like her voice sounds like it’s double tracked without it being double tracked, like Gerry Rafferty or Robert Wyatt. There’s a graininess to it. [...] I suppose I like things to be very plain. I do like people who can hit notes, but I can’t stand most jazz singers because they over-sing. I think sometimes the more emotional you are, the less emotion you convey. With Kate, it’s very deliberate, it’s all very considered, and in a way people like that are the best jazz singers. It might sound quite casual, but there’s a lot of thought behind it."