24 aprile 2018

Richard Williams ha seguito il concerto di Peter Hammill a Londra venerdì scorso e ne è rimasto assai colpito; ne scrive al suo blog The Blue Moment, e nel contempo recensisce l'ultimo splendido album del Nostro, From The Trees. Qualche ripresa dell'evento è su YT:

As skinny as a bread-stick, his white hair cropped almost back to his skull, an outfit of loose white shirt and trousers giving him (somewhat deceptively) the austere, elevated air of a Zen monk, Peter Hammill took the stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall last Friday with only a grand piano and an acoustic guitar for company. He was welcomed by an audience which recognised that at this stage of a 50-year journey that started with the rock band Van Der Graaf Generator, he is one of the few members of his generation who still has something to say.