18 giugno 2018

I giorni della mitica maison de sons di Pierre Henry (1927-2017) al 32 di rue de Toul a Parigi - casa d'artista per antonomasia, sede di ogni attività del compositore fin dal 1971 e divenuta via via essa stessa fonte sonora, luogo di concerti e deposito vivente di apparecchiature, nastri, oggetti, strumenti e documenti - potrebbero essere contati, causa una banale operazione immobiliare. E il suo abbattimento potrebbe compiersi prima di aver trovato un'altra sede atta ad ospitare l'incalcolabile patrimonio lasciato dal Nostro, catalogato finora soltanto in minima parte. Questo il timore delle fedeli custodi Isabelle Warnier e Bernadette Mangin, per decenni rispettivamente compagna e assistente del compositore, e con loro di molti appassionati di musica e cultura, a fronte di blandissimi segnali lanciati dagli enti parigini preposti e una raccolta di firme che in un anno ha raccolto solo diecimila adesioni.

Ne scrissero a suo tempo Olivier Lamm e Sarah Bastin: "In the middle of a quiet street in Paris’s 12th arrondissement, halfway between Daumesnil and the Michel Bizot metro station, the former home/workshop/studio of Pierre Henry lies tucked away, almost concealed from view, beneath a whirlwind of thick ivy. For 46 years, Pierre Henry did everything here – lived, composed, sculpted, copied, pasted, organized, disorganized and even gave concerts. The house is still occupied, rustling gently with deceptively intense activity. Isabelle Warnier, his assistant and partner since 1967, is in the studio with Bernadette Mangin, his right hand and “living memory”. They are busying themselves, as best they can, preparing the next step, whatever that may be. First and foremost, there is work to do to save the premises and to preserve the documents, something no institution has stepped up to do. The building is not owned by Pierre Henry and is in a fragile state. Renovating it and turning it into a museum would cost a fortune. There are resources and documents that are incredible and one-of-a-kind. The composer had kept a trace of everything over the course of his 70-year career, the music and its inspiration as well as as activities with movie directors and playwrights. Isabelle Warnier says, with a melancholic tone: “We think, reasonably, that in its current state, this house will not be preserved and we will need to find a solution for the materials to be properly stored, in an active manner, to help keep Pierre’s music alive. We met people from l’INA, l’IMEC and the National Library, huge structures which could be capable of this, but with the slowness typical of these mammoth institutions."


Victime d'un projet immobilier la maison de Pierre Henry, l'immense compositeur de musique électroacoustique disparu le 5 juillet 2017 est désormais en sursis. Cette maison inouie est devenue au fil du temps l'instrument même du compositeur. Pierre Henry l'avait dit: depuis ses débuts de compositeur, il aimait vivre dans son atelier, avec ses consoles et sa collection de sons. Dans cette maison qui lui servait aussi de studio et de salle de concert, tout, des sols aux plafonds, était dédié à la musique. Cette maison unique en son genre, fait parti de notre patrimoine et mérite qu'on la sauve. Help us save french composer Pierre Henry's house from destruction!