01 giugno 2018

Saranno presto venticinque anni anche dalla scomparsa del grande Derek Jarman (1942-1994), e ad anticiparne le celebrazioni, producendo per la prima volta in Blu-ray alcuni suoi indimenticabili capolavori, provvede il British Film Institute. Un primo gruppo di opere è raccolto in Jarman Volume One: 1972-1986, con In the Shadow of the Sun, Sebastiane, Jubilee, The Tempest, The Angelic Conversation e Caravaggio: vi si ritrovano le musiche di Throbbing Gristle e Coil, di Brian Eno e Simon Fisher-Turner, l'esordio della strepitosa Tilda Swinton, un cameo di Lol Coxhill nei panni di un vecchio prete, una messe di materiali aggiuntivi tra cui schizzi, trame provvisorie, sessioni inedite di registrazione, scene segrete delle scorribande londinesi di Genesis P-Orridge con William Burroughs a inizio anni Ottanta, riflessioni ex post di alcuni protagonisti, un libretto zeppo di note e un prezioso set di cartoline con i costumi creati da Christopher Hobbs.

24 years have gone by since his death at just 52, but the legacy of the iconoclastic filmmaker Derek Jarman (1942-1994) lives on, and his ground-breaking and highly influential work has lost none of its relevance or impact. The first of two deluxe box sets brings together a selection of his feature films on Blu-ray for the first time. Jarman Volume One: 1972-1986 contains In the Shadow of the Sun, Sebastiane, Jubilee, The Tempest, The Angelic Conversation and Caravaggio and is packed with an incredible 30 extras and accompanied by an 80-page book.
Jarman’s multi-faceted work is inspirational in its fearlessness, yet remains touchingly personal. The dynamism of these features evokes comparison with the bold romanticism of directors like Ken Russell (an early champion) and Michael Powell, as well as artists Paul Nash and John Piper. But Jarman was also a subversive force in film. Beginning with his psychedelic debut feature, In the Shadow of the Sun (1972-1974), then came the provocative Jubilee (1978), the evocative Shakespeare adaptation The Tempest (1979) and The Angelic Conversation (1985), in which he invoked Elizabethan occultist Dr John Dee and explored alchemical imagery, a subject in which he was well versed. In Sebastiane (1976) and Caravaggio (1986) he revived key gay and homo-erotic figures from the past – with edgy and unmistakable style.
Derek Jarman’s first six feature films have all been newly scanned at 2K from original film elements and are presented in this lavish box set alongside an exciting array of new and archival extras drawn from Jarman’s archive of workbooks and papers held in BFI Special Collections. Newly interviewed exclusively for this box set are some of the people who worked on these films; punk legend Jordan, producer and filmmaker Don Boyd, production designer Christopher Hobbs and artist filmmaker John Scarlett-Davis.