13 luglio 2018

Dopo una presentazione pubblica condotta il mese scorso a Los Angeles da Homer Flynn - di cui si trova qualche testimonianza sul web - e una prima distribuzione di copie ufficialmente autografate dai Nostri, The Residents pubblicano in questi giorni presso Feral House il loro nuovo racconto, The Brickeaters.

First up, the guys are delighted to have their new novel, ‘The Brickeaters’ published today! July 10th. “What the fuck?”, I hear you ask. Well, this the fuck… “The Brickeaters is an absurdist buddy movie story featuring a very tall internet content screener teaming up with an aging career criminal whose primary companions are an oxygen bottle and a .44 Magnum. After a short crime spree cementing their unhinged partnership, they work together to prevent a middle-aged lottery winner from polluting the LA water supply with massive amounts of fluoride. Their adventures unfold via a highly unreliable alcoholic narrator desperately avoiding the reality of spousal abandonment.” It sounds obvious, right? We’ve read it, and we’re re-reading it. Does it get better every time around? And how do four guys write a novel together anyway? Well, there’s only one way to find out…