26 luglio 2018

Giunge a ideale conclusione l'appassionante dialogo solitario con l'amato contrabbasso documentato a più riprese dal grande Barre Phillips nel corso di cinquant'anni, da Journal Violone in poi: End to End, su Ecm.

End to End is a solo bass album by one of the great pioneers of the idiom. Over the last fifty years Barre Phillips, California-born but long a resident of France, has periodically issued solo recordings, considering them the musical equivalent of diary entries (the first one, in 1968, was called Journal Violone), updates on his ever-evolving relationship to his chosen instrument. This one, he says, will be the last of his albums in this format, so it is of special interest to those who have followed the story so far and, indeed, to anyone wishing to hear a masterful improviser at work, refocussing lessons learned in the course of a long, creative life. “It’s the end of a cycle” says Barre, now 83, of the present recording. “Not a summing up, but the last pages of a journal that began fifty years ago.”