28 luglio 2018

Per riprender fiato dopo l'eclissi di luna più lunga del secolo non c'è che il nuovo episodio di Canterbury Sans Frontières, confezionato ad hoc da Matthew Watkins: "A remarkable Kevin Ayers song which I bet you've never heard, performed live with The Whole World in 1970, more from the Caravan 15th anniversary gigs in 1983, something from Daevid and Gilli's last album with Gong, something from current Gong frontman Kavus Torabi's debut solo EP, a reunited Hatfield paying tribute to Elton Dean in NYC, Elton at the top of his game with Soft Machine in Oslo '71, members of Henry Cow collaborating with Japanese musicians on a Robert Wyatt classic, something lovely from Robert himself, plus Steve Hillage, Jon Hassell, Bjork and a very early Yes covering The Byrds to great effect. From the Canterbury of today, new work from Koloto, Nelson Parade, Paisley Mess and Humble Pious, plus old favourites from Jamie Dams and Syd Arthur..."