05 agosto 2018

Carla Diratz trova finalmente il coraggio di affrontare la wyattiana Sea Song, si fa aiutare da Pascal Vaucel e affida il risultato a Bandcamp. A parte poi confessa: "Like many others of you here my friends, I have a long "love story" with Robert, a story that started (late) in 1971. I even kneeled in front of him in his wheel chair and kissed his hands in 1975 (... thank god he does not remember it). Meeting my friend Andrea (aka Sister Andrea), who is a close friend of his, gave another dimension to my relationship with him. A few months ago, he was kind enough to take the time to listen to the Diratz record with Dave Newhouse, Bret Hart, Jerry King, Mark Stanley, Sean Rickman, and even reviewed it after Andrea had nicely, generously sent it to him. So... when my Beloved Sister asked, insisted on me doing THE Sea Song there was no way I could have refused even though I felt nervous, anxious, intimidated etc. but with my friend-partner-collaborator Pascal and his fine sharp ears and huge talent, here it is... voilà!"