02 agosto 2018

La fitta trama verbale impressa da R. Stevie Moore al recente The Embodiment of Progressive Ideals può aver distolto l'ascoltatore dalle molte arguzie finemente annodate nel tappeto sonoro dal contitolare Alan Jenkins (con The Kettering Vampires). La versione solo strumentale dell'album, disponibile tramite Bandcamp, offre la possibilità di coglierle appieno: https://rsteviemoore.bandcamp.com/album/embodiment-progressive-ideal-instrumental

"Nashville's greatest underground music explorer makes a return with a new album of odd ditties, strange sermons and recitations retrieved from discarded product packaging and advertisement blurbs. Assisted by Deep Freeze Mice guitarist Alan Jenkins and The Kettering Vampires, R. Stevie Moore lets blurt a plethora of miniature monologues, the bulk of which sound like they have been composed using the William S Burroughs / Brion Gysin cut-up method. Hilarious, manic and tinged with a sense of despair, Moore's latest laconic commentary on his own life, and the continually warping world we all share with him, is a revelation."