13 agosto 2018

Registrato in parte a casa della divergente compositrice australiana Peggy Glanville-Hicks (1912-1990) a Sydney, e a lei dedicato, è il nuovo avventuroso lavoro di Jon Rose realizzato assieme a Chris Abrahams, Peggy. L'album esce per ReR Megacorp, e così lo presenta Cutler: "Jon Rose and Chris Abrahams (of The Necks), after four decades of being parts of other projects, finally got around to recording as a duo. Jon uses a number of violins, including the bird - a specially made tenor hardanger fiddle with sympathetic strings; his tunings are non-standard, and create complex microtonal dissonances with the standard keyboard. Abrahams is unfazed and somehow manages to make the conversation coherent; they’re still speaking one language – probably because these are both virtuosi and they’ve been around the block a few times. So this is not easy music; the simple problems aren’t stimulating, so these negotiations begin at masterclass level. Though pitch and counterpoint are the main topics, the third extended piece pushes timbral exploration to the edge; piano and violin are typecast as ‘classical’ but here they sound more electronic and industrial. Probably not for everybody, but the real innovators seldom are."