05 settembre 2018

E torna disponibile, stavolta tramite Bandcamp, l'album che nel 1989 segnalò la collaborazione tra Anthony Braxton e il Rova Saxophone Quartet avviata qualche tempo prima: The Aggregate, in origine per Sound Aspects.

Ricorda Larry Ochs: "Rova’s prospects for launching itself into the late 1970s indy jazz-improv scene were increased exponentially by the early advocacy of Anthony Braxton. Substantiated legend has it that AB was in the (then West German) office of the Moers Festival of New Jazz - a preeminent music festival in Europe at the time - in May 1978 when he heard a cassette of a Rova demo. Excited by what he was hearing, Braxton exclaimed that the festival’s executive director, Burkhard Hennen, should hire us! Around October that year, Larry Ochs was surprised by a letter of invitation to not only play Moers, but to do a Moers-sponsored tour of Europe. Thus began Rova’s European connection, and our fellowship with Anthony Braxton - one of the true innovators in modern music. When Braxton came to the west coast to teach at Mills College, Rova had the opportunity to record with him. Although the 5 of us had done some informal playing, his presence on the coast gave Rova and other serious practitioners access to Mr. Braxton’s wealth of knowledge, and exposed us to his infinitely generous spirit. All of us were eager to play, perform and record together, and Larry, Jon and Anthony each refashioned existing works for the Rova-Braxton Quintet to play. The results were and are exciting and mind-bending."