20 ottobre 2018

Nove anni dopo Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin tornano al Tsuki-Miru Kimi-Omou di Aoyama, a Tokyo, per tre concerti consecutivi, memori della recente esperienza alla Bush Hall di Londra. Con loro c'è di nuovo il chitarrista Beren Matthews: "We'll be playing tracks from Star Clocks along with a selection of songs from the Stewart / Gaskin catalogue. We'd like to thank all those who came to our concert at Bush Hall, London on August 24th and made it such a memorable evening. We were touched by your enthusiasm and support, and appreciate that many of you travelled long distance to see us. We hope to play another UK show in 2019 (this time in a seated venue) and look forward to meeting you all again!"


19 ottobre 2018

Debutta oggi e domani presso due importanti festival jazz in Germania - Jazztage, a Leipzig, e Enjoy Jazz, a Heidelberg - il progetto del giovane batterista berlinese Max Andrzejewski dedicato a Robert Wyatt. Ne è interprete il suo quartetto Hütte, esteso per l'occasione a sestetto con ospiti Cansu Tanrikulu e Jörg Hochapfel: Max Andrzejewski´s Hütte and guests play the music of Robert Wyatt.

"Man arbeitet und singt, man lernt und singt, man lebt und singt. Lebenserfahrung sedimentiert sich im Gesang. Das ist Folklore, authentische populäre Musik. In dieser Tradition sehe ich mich", sagte Robert Wyatt vor einigen Jahren. Und nun? Seine Stimme fehlt! Verstummt ist damit eine auch stets politische Stimme, deren traurige und deprimierende Brüchigkeit nicht nur von Verlorenheit und Einsamkeit erzählte, sondern auch – wie Diedrich Diederichsen einmal formulierte – eine kämpferische Haltung spüren lies, "die sich alles Männliche und Kriegerische abgeschminkt hat". Genau davon haben sich immer wieder Künstler/innen inspirieren lassen und sich mit der Musik Robert Wyatts auseinandergesetzt. 2018 übernehmen die so ambitionierten wie abenteuerlustigen Max Andrzejewski’s Hütte, souveräne Gewinner des Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis Mannheim 2013, mit Gasten die Stafette und versprechen ein 50 minütiges dramaturgisch durchdachtes Programm aus Wyatt-Songs verschiedener Perioden. Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen ist mit dem persönlichen Erscheinen Wyatts in der Feuerwache zwar nicht mehr zu rechnen, aber er zeigte sich vom Projekt durchaus bewegt.

"On travaille et chante, on apprend et chante, on vit et chante. Les expériences de la vie se réunissent en sorte de sédimentation dans le chant. C’est le folklore, une musique populaire authentique. Cette tradition est la mienne" a expliqué Robert Wyatt il y a quelques ans. Et aujourd’hui ? Sa voix manque! Il nous manque beaucoup! En automne 2014 Robert Wyatt (ex-Soft Machine, ex-Matching Mole) s’est retiré de la musique. Il voulait avoir plus de temps pour la politique et après avoir travaillé 50 ans dans le domaine et avec 69 ans il trouvait qu’il méritait sa retraite comme un conducteur de train a aussi droit à la retraite à 65 ans. Mais ainsi une voix politique s’est tu, dont la fragilité triste n’a pas seulement témoigné de la solitude et de l’individuation aux temps du néolibéralisme, mais aussi d’une attitude combative qui s’est emparé de tout masculin et martial comme l’a décrit Diedrich Diederichsen. Beaucoup d’artistes sont inspirés par Wyatt et ont travaillé avec sa musique. En 2018 Max Andrzejewski’s Hütte, lauréat du prix Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis Mannheim de 2013, se lance à son tour et promet un programme de 50 minutes comprenant des chansons de Wyatt des phases différentes. En raisons de santé Wyatt ne peut pas venir à la Feuerwache, mais il était très ému du projet: «Le projet est bien pour mon sentiment d’être vivant et de savoir que des jeunes musiciens brillants vont dans ma direction pour un moment.» Cette soirée les regards, les pensées et les vœux vont surement vers Lincolnshire Wolds. Old Rottenhat!


18 ottobre 2018

A un anno esatto dalla scomparsa del benamato Phil Miller giunge notizia che a gennaio 2019 si terrà un nuovo concerto in suo onore, al Vortex Jazz Club londinese. Mancano per ora altre informazioni, ma i dettagli verranno presto diffusi attraverso lo splendido sito Phil Miller-The Legacy, dove ormai abbondano le testimonianze audio e video dell'impareggiabile lavoro del Nostro con Delivery, Hatfield and the North, National Health, Short Wave e In Cahoots.


17 ottobre 2018

Catania (l'album) è ormai pronto, e Catania (il concerto) è anch'esso imminente: ogni dettaglio è al sito dei Westbrook.


16 ottobre 2018

A elogiare il metodo Westbrook è anche Ali Sharpe, che ha diretto il Rising Voices Wessex Choir nell'esecuzione di Glad Day sabato scorso a Bournemouth: "This music, created by Mike & Kate Westbrook, opens up the potential for every one of us participating in the experience; whether as listener or performer; to transcend what is usually described as the ego-self-I-me... The musicians and the singers on Saturday radiated an essence of authenticity which gave every individual the opportunity to immerse their “self” in a sublime and overwhelming sense of “oneness” with humanity and the universal state of being. If we allow ourselves to experience music at this deep level of absorption, without expectation or desire, and, be “in the moment”, it will transport us to a new level of consciousness akin to what some may describe a spiritual experience."


15 ottobre 2018

Jay Auborn svela alcuni aspetti tecnici delle registrazioni sul campo effettuate per la produzione del nuovo affascinante album di Kate Westbrook, Granite, e nel contempo elogia il metodo di lavoro indicato e perseguito dai Westbrook: "We wanted to find ways to incorporate the sound and atmosphere of the Granite Quarry, to give the music a unique sense of place, somewhere between the natural world and how Kate heard in her mind. It was about getting beyond the studio and making the music otherworldly and unique. The Westbrooks were interested in this idea, of trying something outside of the normal studio process. They have a tremendous progressive and experimental passion in their work."


14 ottobre 2018

Rimane aperta fino al prossimo 4 novembre l'esposizione Good morning! How are you? Shut up! allestita al Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art a Londra dedicata all'inimitabile Ivor Cutler: tra le opere in mostra ci sono schizzi, disegni e illustrazioni, canzoni, aforismi e poesie, libri, articoli di stampa, poster e molti altri materiali originali mai visti in pubblico.

Scottish poet, songwriter and humorist Ivor Cutler (1923–2006) was a singular force in popular culture. His oeuvre encompassed absurd songs and poems, surreal performances, and illustrated publications. These abstract the banal and everyday with warmth, occasional darkness, and quiet radicalism. Self-styled as an ‘Oblique Musical Philosopher’, Cutler saw himself as having ‘….the effect of a very mild earthquake, one that nudges people into having a look around themselves, through all the rubbish that passes for convention.’ This exhibition pulls from his archive to present original musical scores, lyrics, sketches, artworks, letters, press cuttings, and posters, gathered to celebrate Cutler’s life and work, many of which have never been previously exhibited.
His whimsical performances gained him a cult following across generations, not least as part of 60s and 70s counterculture. Broadcasts on the Home Service in the 1950s lead to albums, later with Virgin Records and Rough Trade. TV appearances on the BBC caught Paul McCartney’s attention. Cutler appeared in the Beatles’ film Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and George Martin produced his album Ludo (1967). Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine invited him to play on two of his tracks on the album Rock Bottom (1974). New generations were introduced to his work in the 1980s on TV for the Old Grey Whistle Test, and on radio for John Peel and later Andy Kershaw. His songs have been covered by numerous artists including Jim O’Rourke, Laura Marling and Franz Ferdinand.
As a live performer Cutler was unmistakable with his minimal set that consisted of a largely empty stage, where he appeared, usually in plus fours and a hat, dourly sat at a wheezy harmonium. His songs, performed in a diminutive deadpan style, presented surreal but somehow truthful observations of the world, which also drew on a childhood spent in Glasgow. With titles such as Pickle Your Knees, Egg Meat, I Believe in Bugs, Gravity Begins at Home, and Bicarbonate of Chicken, his songs and poems were written to turn the world on its axis, just a little, and let original thinking in.
Cutler wrote many books for children and adults, and his wish to open adults up to their childish self (as counter to intellect and convention) was bolstered by his work as a teacher, at A. S. Neill’s Summerhill School and for inner-city schools in London for 30 years.
A specially commissioned publication that reproduces items from the archive will accompany the exhibition.

Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art
St James’
New Cross
London SE14 6AD
020 8228 5969


13 ottobre 2018

Per i festeggiamenti dei suoi quarant'anni di attività l'illustre tipografia d'arte Æncrages & Co di Baume-les-Dames (Francia) mette sotto la lente d'ingrandimento il progetto MW sui testi e le canzoni di Robert Wyatt e Alfreda Benge iniziato nel 1997 con le versioni in francese di Jean-Michel Marchetti e documentato in diverse pubblicazioni (anche audio). Due giorni di incontri, presentazioni e concerti nella regione della Borgogna-Franca Contea: https://www.luciole-universite.fr/programme-2018


12 ottobre 2018

Ritratto dell'artista da giovane: Kevin Ayers secondo Richard Penguin, in una recente puntata di Acoustic & Eclectic per Future Radio a Norwich (Regno Unito).


11 ottobre 2018

Terminato il pluriennale ciclo di studi all'University of Errors, Josh Pollock ha finalmente trovato il modo per omaggiarne il Magnifico Rettore, con un sincero canto funebre (Threnodius Daevidius) e un toccante ricordo della sua fulminante sapienza (A Piss Is Just A Piss). Per Daevid Allen.

"A few years ago my collaborator/compadre Daevid Allen shuffled off this mortal coil. When he passed, it hit me hard, and yet I was tongue-tied... mere words seemed spectacularly trite and ridiculous. I was incapable of expressing any of it, until, by chance, I was asked to play guitar on the air at KZSU a few nights later, and out it came: the grief, the acceptance, even his journey from this plane to the next, straight from my heart to my hands. No overdubs, no second take. A straight-up threnody ("a wailing ode, song, hymn, or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person"). And not surprisingly, my purest playing caught on 'tape' to date. That is
The Lake Millions new album Threnodius Daevidius (also with one last bit of singing from Daevid, on the fitting afterward, A Piss Is Just A Piss."

10 ottobre 2018

Trecento pubblicazioni in venticinque anni sono certamente un buon motivo per festeggiare: la rivista Mojo lo fa allegando al fatidico numero - quello di novembre 2018 - un cd di rarità e versioni alternative da collezione, dove spicca un pensoso inedito di Robert Wyatt, Invisible.

MOJO celebrates its 25-year existence with an All-Legends issue. A collectable all-white cover with embossed logo marks 50 years of The Beatles' White Album, whose upcoming reissue, enhanced with outtakes and the legendary Kinfauns demos, is explored in an exclusive in-depth feature. Our best ever cd, The MOJO Anthology, delivers exclusive tracks from our favourite stars, from Beck, U2 and Arctic Monkeys to Robert Wyatt, St. Vincent, Paul Weller and Nick Cave. There are revealing interviews with Elvis Costello, Jack White and Paul Simon. Jimmy Page hymns Bo Diddley. Aretha Franklin ascends to her throne. An unpublished Frank Zappa interview enthrals. Krist Novoselic remembers the dawn of Nirvana. Ray Davies, The Edge, Ron Wood, Ian Gillan, Damon Albarn, John Fogerty, Neneh Cherry, Paul Simonon, Aimee Mann and Cypress Hill drop by to share cake and champagne. Plus! Bowie, Blondie The Beach Boys, Fleet Foxes, Youssou N’Dour, Garcia Peoples and… Hair!

09 ottobre 2018

Termina prima del previsto l'anno sabbatico annunciato per il 2018 da Steve Feigenbaum per Cuneiform Records. E le novità non sono poche:

"It's October of 2018, and the season is Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere; Spring below the Equator. Autumn, Spring; both are seasons of change, of metamorphoses. A time when the natural world transforms and evolves from what came before to what comes after, times of transition. Read about the exciting new developments at the offices of Cuneiform Records World Headquarters, home to Cuneiform Records, Wayside Music and The Music Outpost."


08 ottobre 2018

Lo stringato aggiornamento al catalogo ReR di questo mese propone a raffica le ultimissime cose di Bob Drake, The Necks, Biota, Steve Maclean, Vitor Rua, Jon Rose con Chris Abrahams, il box di ZNR e quello di Peter Blegvad, il dvd Rio Japan 2014, le ristampe in vinile di Musci e Venosta prodotte da Soave e qualche copia di un nuovo René Lussier. E altro ancora...


07 ottobre 2018

Bing Selfish sarà protagonista della puntata odierna - in replica anche più tardi in settimana, e poi disponibile in Mixcloud - del programma radiofonico The Ambrosia Rasputin Show, condotto da Ivor Kallin per Resonance FM. Tra le sue imperscrutabili proposte ci sarà certamente anche un ricordo di Simon King, scomparso pochi giorni fa, amico e collega di tante avventure non solo di Bing - negli Ideals, e più di recente nei Windsors - ma anche di Frank Chickens e dell'intero giro Murphy.


06 ottobre 2018

Mike Westbrook dirige questa sera a Bournemouth il suo Glad Day blakeiano in versione ancora una volta unica e rinnovata, con l'aiuto di Matthew Bourne (piano) e Tim Goodwin (recitazione) in aggiunta al classico quintetto degli anni più recenti (Billy Thompson e Steve Berry con Phil Minton, Kate Westbrook e Chris Biscoe) e con il rinforzo del coro Rising Voices Wessex diretto da Ali Sharpe. Le origini e l'evoluzione del Westbrook Blake nel corso dei decenni è riassunto in un recente scritto pubblicato presso lo Smith's Academy Notice Board.

Over the years the Blake material has been constantly re-invented, by changes in instrumentation, a variety of choirs, occasional personnel changes and the introduction of fresh material. The performance in the Parry 100 Festival sees further innovations. Composer Mike Westbrook has stepped back to concentrate on the role of musical director, bringing in pianist Matthew Bourne and actor Tim Goodwin plus Rising Voices with Ali Sharpe. There will be more of Blake’s poetry spoken. 


05 ottobre 2018

Un'indagine sui fondamenti della democrazia britannica attraverso il viaggio di una bottiglia di latte: il manifesto sociopolitico di Billie Bottle & The Multiple - con alcuni baldi giovani componenti l'Uncommon Orchestra di Mike Westbrook - apparso in prima forma al tempo delle elezioni del 2015 e in una movimentata serie di concerti l'anno successivo tra Plymouth, Brighton e Londra vedrà presto la luce anche come album, The Other Place. Ce n'è un fresco assaggio su Bandcamp: Plebs.


04 ottobre 2018

Segnano perfetta continuità con l'ecologico Green and Blue le alate lancette temporali di Star Clocks, il nuovo album di Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin che indica direzioni remote e spazi interstellari profondi oltre le orbite dei pianeti, nel ricordo lieve di antichi testimoni terrestri (Henry e James) ormai fuori dalla portata della BBC...


03 ottobre 2018

Altro raro documento di rilievo è quello che Aymeric Leroy affida agli archivi del Phil Miller-The Legacy, un concerto degli Hatfield and the North (con due illustri ospiti) all'Imperial College a Londra datato 17 novembre 1972, pressoché agli esordi: "a performance by the original line-up of Hatfield and the North, just weeks after it had changed names from Delivery following the replacement of Steve Miller by Dave Sinclair. Better still, a couple of friends make guest appearances – Lol Coxhill is heard wailing away on soprano sax during the opening Shaving Is Boring, and Robert Wyatt contributes Echoplexed vocals to Dave Sinclair’s A Mewsing, as he would again a few weeks later when Hatfield appeared on French TV’s Rockenstock programme."


02 ottobre 2018

Da un suo vecchio nastro VHS al limite del degrado Steve Dinsdale recupera due apparizioni televisive di Robert Wyatt del maggio e giugno 1983, entrambe ben note: una è con Elvis Costello in Loose Talk, con la prima diffusione del video di Shipbuilding, l'altra è dal vivo all'Old Grey Whistle Test con Nick Clyfus, Clive Langer, Mark Bedford e Kieran O'Connor per presentare Born Again Cretin e appunto Shipbuilding.


01 ottobre 2018

Rock Bottom diventerà un film d'animazione 3-D? A Valencia ci stanno seriamente pensando María Trenor, Joaquín Ojeda e Raúl Colomer. Con el beneplácito del propio Wyatt...

La gestación de Rock Bottom y la historia de amor con Alfie - que se casó con él meses después del accidente y todavía continúa a su lado -, son el telón de fondo de una película de animación que llevará al cine por primera vez los años de juventud de Robert Wyatt. A pesar de estar basada en personajes y hechos reales, y de contar con el beneplácito del propio artista, ni el fondo ni la forma de este proyecto se asemejan al de un documental o un biopic al uso. Se trata más bien de una fabulación dotada de una narrativa no lineal y una estética experimental, que combina la artesanía y la gestualidad de la animación clásica en 2D con la tecnología del 3D.
El contexto histórico de la película - el momento de declive de la contracultura hippie a principios de los setenta - tendrá gran protagonismo. También la relación de Wyatt con España, concretamente con el pueblo mallorquín de Deià, donde se concentró parte de la comunidad hippie expulsada de Ibiza entre 1970 y 1971. El escritor Robert Graves, que residió en esta localidad durante más de treinta años, acogió al músico durante una etapa fundamental en su vida.