16 ottobre 2018

A elogiare il metodo Westbrook è anche Ali Sharpe, che ha diretto il Rising Voices Wessex Choir nell'esecuzione di Glad Day sabato scorso a Bournemouth: "This music, created by Mike & Kate Westbrook, opens up the potential for every one of us participating in the experience; whether as listener or performer; to transcend what is usually described as the ego-self-I-me... The musicians and the singers on Saturday radiated an essence of authenticity which gave every individual the opportunity to immerse their “self” in a sublime and overwhelming sense of “oneness” with humanity and the universal state of being. If we allow ourselves to experience music at this deep level of absorption, without expectation or desire, and, be “in the moment”, it will transport us to a new level of consciousness akin to what some may describe a spiritual experience."