03 ottobre 2018

Altro raro documento di rilievo è quello che Aymeric Leroy affida agli archivi del Phil Miller-The Legacy, un concerto degli Hatfield and the North (con due illustri ospiti) all'Imperial College a Londra datato 17 novembre 1972, pressoché agli esordi: "a performance by the original line-up of Hatfield and the North, just weeks after it had changed names from Delivery following the replacement of Steve Miller by Dave Sinclair. Better still, a couple of friends make guest appearances – Lol Coxhill is heard wailing away on soprano sax during the opening Shaving Is Boring, and Robert Wyatt contributes Echoplexed vocals to Dave Sinclair’s A Mewsing, as he would again a few weeks later when Hatfield appeared on French TV’s Rockenstock programme."