11 ottobre 2018

Terminato il pluriennale ciclo di studi all'University of Errors, Josh Pollock ha finalmente trovato il modo per omaggiarne il Magnifico Rettore, con un sincero canto funebre (Threnodius Daevidius) e un toccante ricordo della sua fulminante sapienza (A Piss Is Just A Piss). Per Daevid Allen.

"A few years ago my collaborator/compadre Daevid Allen shuffled off this mortal coil. When he passed, it hit me hard, and yet I was tongue-tied... mere words seemed spectacularly trite and ridiculous. I was incapable of expressing any of it, until, by chance, I was asked to play guitar on the air at KZSU a few nights later, and out it came: the grief, the acceptance, even his journey from this plane to the next, straight from my heart to my hands. No overdubs, no second take. A straight-up threnody ("a wailing ode, song, hymn, or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person"). And not surprisingly, my purest playing caught on 'tape' to date. That is
The Lake Millions new album Threnodius Daevidius (also with one last bit of singing from Daevid, on the fitting afterward, A Piss Is Just A Piss."