26 ottobre 2018

Tra i partecipanti al festival letterario Litquake in programma a San Francisco dall'11 al 20 ottobre scorsi c'erano anche i Residents, con la presentazione di letture tratte dal loro romanzo The Brickeaters e uno speciale concerto diffuso in rete in streaming a 360 gradi. Qualche problema tecnico in verità ne ha interrotto la trasmissione, tuttavia due corposi spezzoni sono stati recuperati e sono ora su YT.

One of the West Coast’s most beloved annual literary festivals, this smart, eclectic, 76% free ten-day gathering draws booklovers of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy words and ideas, straight from the artists’ mouths. Now with 160 venues in its 19th year, the festival’s uniquely portable format provides even greater access to literature. Litquake nurtures and amplifies an ever-expanding community of conversation and engagement in the Bay Area’s cultural landscape. Litquake’s mission is to contribute to the creative economy at large and make more literature more available to readers of all ages through ever-evolving performances, readings, workshops, and film programs during the annual festival and its year-round programming. By commingling public life and literary art, Litquake uses literature as an agent of public good.

Legendary San Francisco art-music pranksters The Residents celebrate the release of their debut novel The Brickeaters with this special full-length music show, incorporating live readings from the book. What is The Brickeaters? Briefly, an absurdist buddy story which teams together a very tall and young internet content screener with an aging career criminal, who work to prevent a middle-aged lottery winner from polluting the Los Angeles water supply with massive amounts of fluoride. Also, the narrator is an unreliable alcoholic!