08 novembre 2018

Hanna Bächer incontra Peter Brötzmann in occasione di una serie di conferenze e lezioni pubbliche prodotte a Berlino dalla Red Bull Music Academy.

Peter Brötzmann is a revered free jazz musician from West Germany whose over 50-year career has taken him from the interdisciplinary radicalism of the late 20th-century Fluxus art movement to extensive collaborative and solo recording and performance. Primarily a saxophonist and clarinetist, Brötzmann has worked with experimental greats such as Dutch drummer Han Bennink, British fellow saxophone powerhouse Evan Parker and Japanese sound artist Keiji Haino, exploring an avant-garde, largely improvisational style of free jazz with his signature rough timbre. His octet album Machine Gun remains a seminal free jazz album of the late ’60s, a genre-expanding work that aurally articulated the anxieties surrounding the Vietnam War and his country’s uncertain future. With over 100 releases to his name, including some with jazz supergroup Last Exit, Brötzmann’s creative passions have not diminished. In 2017 he released Live In Tel Aviv, a live album with trombonist Steve Swell and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, and in 2018, his third studio collaboration with steel guitarist and singer/songwriter Heather Leigh, Sparrow Nights.
In his lecture at Red Bull Music Academy 2018 in Berlin, Brötzmann talked about learning from the ’60s avant-garde, why he doesn't believe in teaching jazz and how improvisation comes down to fitting or fighting.