01 novembre 2018

In anteprima per i sottoscrittori, e all'immediata vigilia dei concerti in Italia di metà mese, è pronto l'album Catania tratto dall'eccezionale festival interamente dedicato a Mike Westbrook nel luglio 1992. Ed è magnifico.

July 2017 saw the 25th anniversary of the three-day Mike Westbrook Music Festival in Catania, Sicily. Presented by the Associazione Catania Jazz the Mike Westbrook Orchestra, plus guests performed, on consecutive nights Big Band Rossini, After Smith's Hotel and The European Song Book. This autumn Westbrook Records are releasing a double cd of selected highlights from the festival, entiled simply Catania. The album is drawn from various live recordings of the concerts, some of them only recently discovered, expertly assembled by the late Jon Hiseman with additional work by Jay Auborn and Callum Godfroy of dBs sound, producers of Granite.