05 novembre 2018

Tre nuove uscite per l'eccellente Langham Research Centre: un paio di postille ad alcuni Tape Works pubblicati sull'album di esordio affidate a Jim O'Rourke e al Group A (Tape Reworks Vol. 1, EP in vinile per Nonclassical) e due audiocassette immersive (Tics and Ampersands, per Never Anything, e Gateshead Multi-storey Car Park, per Econore).

Langham Research Centre’s radiophonic experiments are twisted into new shapes on Tape Reworks Vol. 1, a split EP featuring remixes by renowned experimental musician Jim O’Rourke and Berlin-based industrial band group A. Tics and Ampersands features music made using ¼” tape recorders, cassette machines, sine tone oscillators, shortwave radios, and contact microphones. Gateshead Multi-storey Car Park is a piece composed entirely from sounds of the polarising brutalist structure before it was demolished in 2010.