23 novembre 2018

Un bell'impegno si è preso Jack Steadman - nei panni di Mr Jukes - nel promettere una rilettura integrale dal vivo del Third dei Soft Machine, in programma domani al Rich Mix di Bethnal Green a Londra quale uno degli ultimi appuntamenti del London Jazz Festival 2018. Dice: "It’s been such an important record in my life since my teenage self found it amongst my dad’s LP collection. It’s blown the minds of all the friends I’ve played it to and I’m excited to get to experience it live for the first time." Lo aiuteranno nella non facile impresa Dan Berry e Binker Golding, Sarah Tandy e Max Hallett.

Described as 'one of the most innovative classics of jazz-rock of any era', Soft Machine’s 1970 release is still revered as the definitive statement of an iconic band. Mr Jukes’ affectionate take on its 'sheer beauty, delicate sound landscapes and scary instrumentation' recreates the spirit of the original with the energy of a terrific band drawn from today’s vibrant scene, including saxophonists Binker Golding and Dan Berry, keyboardist Sarah Tandy, and Comet is Coming drummer Max Hallett.